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Love.nz Wholesaler Terms

Love.nz Wholesaler Terms

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Intro:  Love.nz is an online shop to promote and sell New Zealand products.

We list, market and sell your product, notifying you when sold to package and send directly to the customer.

These questions scope how we set wholesale terms for your product to be sold at www.love.nz and where applicable other platforms eg; Facebook, Trademe and Amazon.

  • Do you have an existing wholesaler agreement
  • What products are available for wholesale
  • What is the wholesale discount for love.nz
  • Is there a set retail price or RRP
  • Are you the exclusive provider
  • Do you manufacture the products
  • How is stock and inventory managed
  • Are product images provided or do we take pictures
  • What is the shipping method to customers (these details will be entered against the products and we will notify of orders via email)
  • How are any returns processed
  • What are your payment terms (customer will have paid for product and delivery)
  • Is there any further information (please attach)

Please consider these questions and for enquiries complete the contact form or phone Brian 0278295179